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Craig Carey-2
Yes, Condorcet count programs have been written in perl & BASIC.
Rob Lanphier wrote one in perl & I wrote one in BASIC. Many pocket
computers uses BASIC, or used to, & the program is small enough for
the memory of a pocket computer. Of course a laptop could use software
to run any computer language, including perl & BASIC.

My program, & maybe Rob's too, is, so far, only for plain Condorcet.
But Smith//Condorcet versions of these programs will follow.
Smith//Condorcet is just thename omethod that you use when
you combine Condorcet's method with a rule that if there's a group
of alternatives each of which beat everything outside that group, then
the winner must be chosen from that group.

That rule sounds compelling, but its only importance is aesthetic,

The very important lesser-of-2-evils & majority rule properties
of Condorcet's method applin both plain Condorcet &

As I'm sure is the case with Rob's program also, my program is
available upon request. I'll forward it by e-mail upon request.
I don't know how to send it in a form that can be run directly,
but it's so short that you can quickly type it, from my e-letter
copy of it, into your computer. So the program is complete, tested,
& works perfectly, but you'd have to type it into your computer
when I forward it to you by e-mail. But, as I said, it's quite
short (about 55 lines, mostly short lines--the printout being
less than 11 inches from top to bottom), and so it won't take
long for you to type it into your computer.