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Craig Carey-2
In an article,[hidden email] (Ed Still) writes:

>Is there a computer program that will count Condorcet, MPV, Borda, etc
>now?  Not a heavy duty, state-wide election grade program, but something
>could handle, say, an election for a private group or city with a few
>thousand voters.

          I have written a set of programs which are
designed to use IBM PC's as voting machines and as tallying
          The system lets the voters rank the candidates
and produces printed ballots. The ballots may then be
reentered as data which is captured as files which may be
processed through the system to produce the pairwise
tallies. A demonstration version of the system is available
as a ZIP file through my home page.

          I am currently modifying the system to allow the
ranking of some candidates as equals. If someone is
interested in trying my system, I will complete the
documentation and I will provide a copy of the system, in
one way or another.

          [hidden email]