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[EM] Electowiki article about VoteFair representation ranking

I wrote an Electowiki article that describes VoteFair representation
ranking.  The "history" section explains its origin and usage.  Here is
the link to it:


The section titled "calculation steps" describes it in detail, and an
example is supplied.

Richard Fobes

For convenience, below is the opening text from the article:

VoteFair representation ranking is a Proportional-representation (PR)
vote-counting method that uses ranked ballots and selects a candidate to
win the second seat in a two-seat legislative district. The second-seat
winner represents the voters who are not well-represented by the
first-seat winner. Any single-winner election method that uses ranked
ballots and pairwise counting can be used for the popularity calculations.

This method can be repeated, such as to select the winners of the second
and fourth seats in a five-seat district.


This method first identifies which voters are well-represented by the
first-seat winner. Then a reduced influence is calculated for these
ballots. Their influence is determined by the extent to which they
exceed the 50% majority minimum that is needed to elect the first-seat
winner. The remaining ballots have full influence. Using these adjusted
influence levels, the most popular of the remaining candidates becomes
the second-seat winner.

This method ignores which political party each candidate is in, yet the
winners typically are from different political parties.

If a district has 5 seats, the third-seat winner and the fourth-seat
winner are identified using the same steps that were used to fill the
first two seats. In this case the fifth-seat winner would be determined
by asking voters to indicate their favorite political party, calculating
which party is most under-represented, looking at just the ballots that
indicate that party as their favorite, and identifying the most popular
candidate from that party.
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