[EM] Suffragium Voting Library and Request for Resources

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[EM] Suffragium Voting Library and Request for Resources

Hello all,

I have started work on a library in Clojure (a lisp for the JVM) which
implements many different voting methods, so far including IRV, Borda
Count, and Schulze among others. Let me know if you have any feedback.
The project can be found here:


I am on the look out for worked examples to test my implementations
against, does anybody have any pointers on where I could find that kind
of thing? For example I found "The Schulze Method of Voting" paper on
arXiv very helpful when implementing that method as the examples within
cover many different corner cases. In particular the methods I hope to
implement next are Minimax, Tideman's Alternative (inc. Benham's
method), and Coomb's method. So far I have used the examples found on
Electowiki/Wikipedia where I can.
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