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Hitler-Stalin-Middle Example Again

Craig Carey-2
In an article, [hidden email] writes:

>A middle voter may hate one extremist by "absolutely" minus 99.9 percent and
>hate the other extremist by minus 100 percent- a "relative" differance of 0.1
>If the middle voter votes for either extremist as a second choice, then such
>extremist may get elected with a majority and claim he/she has a "mandate"
>(to go politically crazy).
>If the middle voter does not vote for either, then one of the extremists may
>get elected with a plurality.
>Since all middle voters will probably not be alike, then each of them may
>strategically ask what are the other middle voters doing ?
>Should I vote for an d├Ętremist or not ?
>An example again (50 votes for majority)--
>Hitler         Stalin            Middle
>  42              41                  16    First Choice votes
>Does any voter dare vote for a second choice ?

          Why not? Your second choice does not affect the
election chances of your first choice. In the above
example, if every H and S supporters chose M as their
second choice, then M would beat H by 57 to 42 and S by 58
to 41. If every H and S supporter did not indicate a second
choice, then M would not win and H or S would win depending
on the second choices of the M supporters. Then H or S
would see their least preference elected.

          [hidden email]