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Craig Carey-2

I'm going to be switching over our mailing list to listproc shortly.  
Listproc is just another way of doing mailing lists.  It won't change the
addresss of the list, but it will change the commands to subscribe and
unsubscribe and such.  I'll explain this more when it happens.
Anyway, here is a message that explains this past week's goofiness on EM,
in case you tried to post.

Rob Lanphier
[hidden email]

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Date: Fri, 15 Mar 1996 02:27:21 -0800 (PST)
From: Joel Boring <[hidden email]>
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Mail Problems

People have been asking why their lists haven't received much traffic over
the last week or so.  Well, I just found out today that sprintlink has
been messing with things in California which affect us.

OK, first the canned response:

We've been having some problems with sprintlink, one of their fddi rings
is acting up and running about 5% packet loss at best.  As a result, many
connections are getting dropped.  I'm running the mailqueue now,
hopefully we can take advantage of the lower network load at night and
get a lot of this through.  Sprint says they have their best people
working on the problem, along with a team from Cisco.  They couldn't tell
me when it would be fixed, but hopefully this will be soon, they
tell me they've been working on it for about a week and a half.

Now the listproc plug ;)

Because of the way majordomo sends mail, it is affected MUCH more
strongly by random disconnects than listproc is.  For example, say you
have a list of 100 users...majordomo sends this message out as one big
message with 100 recipients.  If anything goes wrong anytime during the
sending of the message, it just aborts where it left off and the
remaining people don't get tried again until the next time the mailqueue
is run, an hour later.  Now, if the host the send chokes on happens to be
a REAL problem host, the message could go unsent for quite some time.

Listproc, on the other hand, splits these up into individual messages,
which has two advantages.  First, the send goes faster because sendmail
handles these outgoing messages in parallel.  Second, if a message does
get queued or aborted because of a bad address or disconnect, it only
affects the one user the message is intended for.

One last thing, many people have mailed me re: switching their lists.  I
have been working on this, today I haven't been able to get any lists done
because I've been working on getting the existing mail flushed out of the
queue.  Please give me until Sunday on this, it will probably be done
sooner, but if you mailed me and haven't received a confirmation that your
list has been moved by Monday morning, please email me again.  If you
want your list to be moved and haven't mailed me yet, please don't hold
back =)  The more lists we can get moved all at once the better!

Once again, this change will be transparent, I will be hacking majordomo
tomorrow (was going to do it tonight but the mailqueue is taking longer
than expected to process) to include a reference to listproc with its
"list not found" error message.

    Joel Boring aka Derek Wildstar <[hidden email]>
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