Meaning of ballot truncation (was Re: Replies to Saumur)

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Meaning of ballot truncation (was Re: Replies to Saumur)

Craig Carey-2
In an article, [hidden email] ("Steve Eppley") writes:

>Lucien Saumur writes:
>>Short ranking means that a voter is saying: "If my preferred
>>candidate(s) is (are) not also preferred, to the other candidates,
>>by the voters, then I accept whatever other candidate the other
>>voters will choose.
>If I truncate my ballot, I'm saying I detest all the unranked
>candidates equally, and detest them more than any of the candidates
>I ranked.

          "Detest" is too strong a word. You may merely
like these candidates less than the candidates that you
have ranked and you like them equally so that you do not
wish to rank them one above the other.
          If you really dislike these candidates, then you
should have the option of indicating explicitly that they
are unacceptable to you (whether ranked or not).

          [hidden email]