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Craig Carey-2
In an article, [hidden email] (Mike Ossipoff) writes:

>Lucien Saumur writes:
>>           I do not see how short ranking can cause a
>> circular tie. Short ranking means that a voter is saying:
>Here's how:
>In the Clinton, Buchanan, Nader example I gave, the _sincere_
>preference orderings are:
>40%: Buchanan, Clinton, Nader
>12.5%: Clinton, Buchanan, Nader
>12.5%: Clinton, Nader, Buchanan (assuming equal split for
>                        2nd choices among Clinton voters)
>35%: Nader, Clinton, Buchanan
>Say the Buchanan voters don't vote a 2nd choice, for whatever reason.
>Then we have 25% ranking Clinton over Nader, & 35% ranking Nader over
>Clinton. So Nader beats Clinton 35-25.

          I stand corrected. (BLUSH)

          I am still studying your post.

          [hidden email]