Election Methods – Mailing List Options

Nabble provides a web archive and gateway to the mailing list: election-methods@lists.electorama.com (What is a mailing list?).

Below are a set of mailing list actions you can take through Nabble. (You may also visit the election-methods@lists.electorama.com website for additional information and options.)

Subscribe to election-methods@lists.electorama.com

Most mailing lists require subscription before you can post messages. Click Subscribe below to send a subscription request to the mailing list: election-methods@lists.electorama.com.

REMEMBER: Clicking "Subscribe" only sends the request to the mailing list. You have the following additional step to complete the subscription process.

After clicking Subscribe, wait for a confirmation email which will provide instructions on how to confirm your subscription. Follow the instructions in the confirmation email to confirm your subscription. This usually requires replying to an email or clicking the confirmation link. (NOTE: Most mailing lists send the confirmation email almost instantaneously. However, some may require that you wait for a few hours.)

Becoming a subscriber allows you to post messages to a mailing list. However, you also have to receive all the emails posted to the mailing list. If you prefer not to receive the emails, you have the option to turn off mail delivery.

Turn off mail delivery

This mailing list may allow you to turn off email delivery but remain a subscriber. This means you can post messages without having to receive the emails. This option works only after you have become a subscriber.

Please Note: This option may not work for some early versions of Mailman. In that case, use the Unsubscribe option below.


You may unsubscribe from this mailing list.