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Craig Carey-2

is a major new internet search engine which started up in Dec. 1995. The
altavista owners claim that their mega-computer searchs the entire text of
the internet and compiles keywords. They claim to have 33 Gigabytes of data.

In searching with 2 or more connected words use a + sign before each word, as

I used it for the following words/phrases with the following number of
references ---
+proportional+representation       about 1000
+direct+democracy    about 900
Condorcet    747
+proxy+voting    about 500
+single+winner+elections    2
+election+reform     about 400

The output lists the first 200 major references on each subject- 10 items per
page in their standard format which lists the title of the page (if any),
about the first 40 words on the page and the URL link for the page, its Kb
size and the date of the page.
Many EM/ER folks who have election related web pages appear in one or more of
the above.