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use of "who" inquiry

Rob Lanphier-2
On Sun, 18 Feb 1996, Mike Ossipoff wrote:
> majordomo isn't allowing the use of "who" enquiries for election-methods-list,
> saying that it's an annonymous list. Can that be changed, so that "who"
> will work?

Right now that is password protected.  I think I'd like to keep it that
way, giving it out upon request, if you don't mind.  Spammers love
anonymous-who mailing lists.  What is everyone else's feeling on this?

BTW, I think most of the single-winner committee has signed on by now.  
Jim Lindsey emailed me to let you know he won't be joining this list
until June (when he'll have more time).

Mike, I'll forward you a copy of the who results, as long as you promise
not to spam us :)  Actually, I'll forward it to the whole list, since
this is important info to know in the beginning.  I think we have enough
people now that we can start using the list.

Rob Lanphier
[hidden email]